mcd Australia offers a range of professional services. These services can be specifically tailored to cover all project aspects relevant to the Client’s needs, from one-off advisory roles and tasks, to full service concepts through delivery, and beyond. The staff at mcd Australia are a dedicated group of individuals that are passionate about what they do and strive to always exceed expectations.

Project Management

mcd Australia’s Project Management services are implemented in the design and delivery phases of projects, ensuring appropriate systems are in place to protect the programme and budget. mcd Australia is a Quality Assurance accredited company that adheres to stringent policies on all documentation, and we carefully package and manage contracts to protect our Client interests and their objectives. Services offered include:

  • Project Brief Preparation
  • Design Management
  • Project Team Management
  • Client Representation
  • Budget Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Value Management Services
  • Project Delivery Advice
  • Negotiation Services
  • Tender Management
  • Project Reporting
  • Tenancy Co-ordination Management

Development Management

mcd Australia understands that in today’s market, the importance of implementing a proven Sales and Marketing strategy is critical in enabling a development to progress to delivery. These services include:

  • Property Evaluation / Selection
  • Concept Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Research
  • Site Acquisition Services
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Commercial Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Authority Approvals Management

Town Planning

Our Town Planning expertise is in Development Planning.  mcd Australia has a team of Town Planners whom can provide:

  • Development Approvals
  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Environmental Approvals
  • Risk Smart Approvals